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BY the end of the year it’s expected that 50 per cent of us Irish will own a Smartphone. It’s no wonder then that app technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with half a million apps available for download.

Our phones are now tools that organise, entertain, inform and help us with nearly every part of our lives.So whether you are a technology buff or were forced  kicking and screaming to part with your beloved Nokia 3310, here are 10 apps that are designed to make your life around the house and farm so much easier.


Top 5 Farming Apps



iFarm App – Irish Farmers Association

Android – Free

The iFarm app has to be the starting point for all Irish farmers. It’s easy to use with a clean, clear interface containing all the latest news, weather and everything in between. Some of its clever features include a Farm Assist Calculator and a handy Converter that older farmers will really appreciate. The converter transfers live weight, weight, area and liquid into their different forms of measurement, for example Cents per Kilo into Pence per Pound, Litres into Gallons, etc. The app also has an up to date factory and mart prices feature that will you keep you one step ahead of those crafty cattle jobbers roaming around the country side.



Android and iPhone – €1.97

Farmers will absolutely love this very practical app. Planimeter is a GPS area calculator and measure that calculates distance and area using GPS and Google Maps (Free Download). An invaluable tool for farmers, either for measuring acreage or to calculate the distance between two points before fencing. Very accurate and gives measurements in both metric and imperial units. This app is well worth the €1.97 download price.

Bubble Level

Android – Free

Imagine the scene, you’re hanging a gate down the back field and you reach for your spirit level only to find you left it back in the shed. Fear no more forgettful people. Introducing the Bubble Level app. From now on all you have to do is reach into your pocket and you have a perfectly functioning spirit level on your phone. If you’re sceptical, don’t be. Once calibrated correctly this great little app works perfectly.  Great for farmers, DIY enthusiasts and anyone who just likes their objects level. Even better, it’s free.

(i-Handy Level is the equivalent for the iPhone) 


Tank Mix

iPhone – Free

This is one for crop farmers in particular. A great app that calculates all permutations when spraying your crops such as amount of product needed for the size of field, product per tank size, water per field and the amount of product needed for the correct volume to volume ratio. Unfortunately it’s only available for iPhone but it’s the perfect app for crop management.


Pro Farm Apps – Pro Cattle Breeding

Android and iPhone – €9.99

This app tracks and records the breeding season from first heat, through to A.I, due date and delivery, as well as tracking the breeding history of your herd. Unfortunately the price is not a typo on our behalf. It would be fair to say that that is quite a lot to pay for an app, but if you are willing to fork out nearly 10 big ones you are getting quite a useful farming aid. For farmers with big suckler herds, the ability to keep track of due dates and heats on your phone while on the move is extremely useful. There is also a dairy equivalent called Pro Dairy Event. This is definitely one for the farmer who already has a committed relationship with their phone.




Top 5 Household Apps



Easy Envelope Budget Aid

Android and iPhone – Free

Couples beware; this app could make sloping off undetected for a few sneaky pints after work all the more difficult. EEBA works by users allotting amounts of money in each virtual envelope for groceries, transportation, going out or whatever else you’re in to. You and your partner can log in separately on your phones, update the system every time you make a purchase and EEBA will inform you if you’re on budget for the month. How romantic. It’s also free, which makes sense for a budgeting app.



Android and iPhone – Free

The climote app is a remote control heating app that allows you to control your household’s heating on your phone. Very handy if you’re on the way home on a frosty night and would like to step into a warm home. This app is free but obviously there is a catch. For the app to work you have to install the climate hub in your house which has a retail price of €400. If you are building a new house or investing in a new heating system this could be the way to go. It’s a really clever use of technology that could become the norm in years to come.

Android and iPhone – Free

It’s happened to all of us. Your car has been running on fumes for a worryingly long amount of time so you reluctantly pull into first petrol station you see. You fill up, only to drive a mile up the road and come across somewhere cheaper. The app will ensure you avoid this minor mental trauma and never pay over the odds for your fuel. Your phone’s GPS locates the petrol stations nearest to you, sorts them by price and then gives you directions to your best value location using Google Maps.  It does require the users to update the prices but it’s not a whole lot to ask considering this app is completely free.

Heinz BBQ

Android and iPhone – Free

Nothing ruins a beautiful summer’s day quite like salmonella, so if you don’t trust the amateur Jamie Oliver behind the grill, this is the app for you. Beautifully designed, with a cooking timer, recipes, BBQ tips and safety guidelines, you have everything you need for the perfect barbecue. You also have to love the ultra positive, county specific weather forecast, which despite predicting rain in Mayo gave this advice, “Don’t be upset. Don’t be disillusioned. Put up an umbrella and BBQ like there’s no tomorrow.” That’s the attitude.



Android and iPhone – €0.99

If gardening is your thing, there are a wide range of apps out there. Unfortunately for us most of them are America specific. Gardenate gives you all the information you need to start your own vegetable garden. It gives detailed instructions on how to grow 90 varieties of garden vegetable along with local planting information and calendar. There are also great tips and hints from fellow users on Unfortunately there is no Irish setting, so you’ll just have to swallow your national pride and go with the UK version. At €0.99, it’s also good value.