GAA Weekend Perfect Cure For Olympic Fatigue

Posted: August 3, 2012 in GAA
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YOU know you’ve gone mad when sitting at home in front of the TV on a Wednesday night, you find yourself becoming slightly upset at the quality of a Chinese gymnasts double pike somersault. A week ago a double pike somersault was something you would have associated with angling, which as far as I know is one of the few sports along with Darts and Ludo that are not in the Olympics.

This is what the Olympics do to the sports obsessed. There is a sense of obligation, sometimes based on national pride, to become educated in such things as the technicalities of the breaststroke and the many components of the modern pentathlon (Swimming, Running, Shooting, Fencing and Showjumping; not that you asked). Without Analise Murphy, I would never have known about the scoring system of the Sailing Laser Radial Class and when Longford’s Derek Burnett takes part in the trap shooting competition, for the first time in my life, Clay Pigeon Shooting will mean a great deal to me.

If you have been suffering from severe over exposure to the Olympic coverage, I say thank God for the reassuring constant of the GAA. Its unlikely football and hurling will ever be an Olympic sport; we wouldn’t be pushy about making other lads play just to win a few medals for ourselves.   Anyway, the GAA gives us a chance to spend a few magical hours by ourselves where we can shift the spotlight from London back to home.

This year we have four of the most competitive and intriguing football quarter finals since the quarter finals were introduced and if you have been exposed to unhealthy amounts of minority sports this week this could be your brief ticket back to normality.

Saturday will see RTE wrestle Michael Lyster out of the Olympic studios and back into the Sunday Game crèche to roll his eyes at Joe and Pat. I’d say he’d much rather stick to the Canoeing where fun spontaneous things happen; like one of your analysts answering their phone live on air to speak to the Irish Olympic Coach.


Maybe we should get James Horan or James McCartan to prank Joe Brolly on Saturday, might delay another repeat of last Sunday’s debacle and himself and Pat’s inevitable dismissal of the merits of Mayo’s match with Down.

Come the final whistle you’ll just have time to switch briefly back to London to see Robert Hefferan on the final stretch of his 20km walk and hopefully on his way to a medal, before Dublin will attempt to walk (eh eh) all over Laois in the second quarter-final at seven.

It’s TV3’s turn on Sunday, showing both games. Hopefully alongside Matt Cooper we’ll have the two midfield generals, Daragh O’ Sé and David ‘Terminator’ Brady, who despite wearing novelty oversized headphones, still manage to look tough and offer some excellent analysis to boot.

Please note if you have been exposed to the potentially mentally damaging swimming analysis from the riveting Earl McCarthy on RTE, and intense crazy, starey swimmer pundit/Olympic legend, Ian Thorpe on the BBC, I would strongly recommend a full dosage of the four quarter finals. Enjoy.

Mayo V Mayo, Croke Park, Saturday 5.00 pm, M Deegan (Laois);  Dublin v Laois, Croke Park, Saturday 7.00 pm, C Reilly (Meath) * Both live on RTE

Cork v Kildare, Croke Park, Sunday 2.00 pm, J McQuillan (Cavan);  Donegal v Kerry, Croke Park, Sunday 4.00 pm, M Duffy (Sligo) *Both live on TV3


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