And the Grammy Goes to…Mayo and Donegal Do Battle On The Airwaves

Posted: September 18, 2012 in GAA
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NEVER mind next Sunday, the real battle has been going on for the last few weeks on the airwaves. Donegal may have had a week’s head start but here in Mayo we have the lethal combination of form and experience in this area; anyone remember this absolute CLASSIC from 1996?

Follow that. Unsurprisingly enough quite a few have duly taken on that challenge to create the next GAA masterpiece. Before we start all the serious build up and predictions, let’s take a moment to acknowledge those who have done what few thought possible, make Mid West and Ocean FM essential listening.  Wherever there is All – Ireland fever, your music will live on. Let the ceremony begin.

Best Song – Mayo: The Ginger Melodeon Experience – Up Mayo

Mayo getting to All – Ireland finals makes for strange happenings. How about a trad version of a Flo Rida song with Mayo football themed lyrics? Now that’s ingenuity. Definitely the best of the Mayo representations this year, the track from the London collaboration is free to download at, with a link for donations to The Irish Cancer Society on the same page. #MayoForSam2013,  The Chieftains featuring Snoop Dogg?


Best Song – Donegal: Rory & the Island – Jimmy’s Winning Matches

If you’ve somehow managed to miss Rory Gallagher’s (formerly of The Revs) catchy tune you’re in for a treat. Rory and Jimmy’s musical sojourn began on the island of Lanzarote where the original song ‘Jimmy’s Selling Watches’, was wrote in tribute to the watch selling, Molly Malone singing Senegalese native. Listen out for Jimmy’s impressive knowledge of Mayo geography; he’s nearly as good as Mike Denver.


Best Song to Make Grown Men Emotional: Myles Kelly – The Mayo Man

It does sound like Myles may have recorded this with his phone but it’s still the most rousing of the 2012 vintage. With lyrics like, “Jimmy might be winning matches but James is winning too” and “I am a Mayo man today is my day”, it’ll either have you fit to run through walls or leave you blubbering into your pint a two in the morning. Either way, Myles deserves a call from Up For The Match.


The Best of The Rest 

A selection of some of the more obscure, somehow strangely entertaining,  but none the less deserving winners.

Best Performance Video: Cyril Brennan – Bring Home Sam 2012

Best Use of a Christmas Song Melody: Martin Fitzmaurice – Doing It For Andy

Lifetime Achievement Award: Michael S Togher – The Dream Has Never Died (Because he’s a legend – Maggie’s Flannel Drawers, need  I say anymore)

If we’re basing victory on YouTube hits, Donegal may have won the musical battle thanks in the main to Rory and Jimmy. I think we’ll let them have this little win though, as long as the sound of the Saw Doctors is ringing around Croke Park come 5.oo pm Sunday.


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