Directors Cut: The name is Mendes, Sam Mendes

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Other Shuff

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SO the latest Bond film Skyfall was released yesterday and by all accounts it’s meant to be quite good; OK scrap that, it looks brilliant. And considering he was in charge of the whole carry on, a lot of this credit would have to go to director Sam Mendes.

Mendes hit the Hollywood big time back in 1999 when Kevin Spacey went all midlife crisis in his directorial debut American Beauty. Since then he has directed a number of box office hits, married and divorced one of Hollywood’s biggest stars and now he’s taking on one of cinema’s most famous franchises.

So when the missus starts drooling over Daniel Craig and his barely adequate physique, set her straight with some facts about the main man Mendes.

Early Life – Born in Reading in 1965 to child author Valerie and University Professor James Mendes.

Best of Times – American Beauty is one of the iconic films of the 90s and won 5 Oscars including one for Mendes for Best Director. Revolutionary Road was both a critical and box office success while Jarhead was another highlight in a sudden departure from the Americana setting of his first two films.

Worst of Times – None really. To date none of his movies have flopped or been slated by the critics and that record looks set to continue with Skyfall.

Relationships – Mendes married British actress Kate Winslet in 2003 who he cast in the lead of his film Revolutionary Road five years later. As the old saying goes never work with animals, children or wives (don’t quote me on that), and although the movie was a success, their marriage wasn’t and they split in 2010. They have one son together called Joe. Mendes is currently dating actress Rebecca Hall, who as you can see is not too shabby at all.

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The Sportsman – Sammy is also quite a talented cricketer having played for Cambridge University. In the most quintessentially British story of all time, it was cricket that got him his big directing break. The director of the Chichester Theatre heard of his prowess and invited him to join his company because he was tired of being hammered by the Royal Shakespeare Company in their annual match. Tally ho.

What He Says – “I like throwing snowballs at small children.” Not sure about this one but maybe that’s why he’s divorced.

What They Say – Daniel Craig in a recent interview with The Guardian said: “Sam is so bloody-minded about getting what he wants, and he understands how to get it. On the set of Road to Perdition I remember him coming up to Paul Newman and just saying quietly ‘Do it better,’ into his ear. Newman just shrugged and said ‘OK’.” Brave man.

Factoid – Ex – wife Kate Winslet was born in the same hospital as him, 10 years later. Spoooky.


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